Ok, well we have all the seats upgraded, but you can still get the "Buy a Seat" deal, which will give you a bundle of tickets and concessions and will give us funds towards upgrading the theater. It's a win-win!

Oak Park Theater has been a part of Minot since the 1960’s. It has a uniquely designed curved stair case made of steel and the theater lobby is built around it. In May of 2000, Earl Allen asked Al Schon to put together a sub-run theater operation at Oak Park. It ran for almost twelve years. It only ended thanks to the flood in 2011.  Recently, Al Schon was able to purchase the property and its restoration is almost complete. Oak Park Theater has returned, remodeled and better than ever. However the process of renovating a derelict building with severe damage isn't easy and it isn't cheap. Five Minot winters sitting empty with no heat did as much damage as the flood. We have upgraded the theater in many ways including modern heating and air conditioning. All new electrical systems and plumbing and of course a new theater and lobby.  Of course, we plan to continue upgrading the theater!

We Need Your Help!

Here is where you can help. with a donation of $100 you will be an official "seat purchaser" for the theater. You will also receive eight free admission movie passes, four free large popcorn, and eight medium drinks. The donor's name will be listed on the Oak Park Theater website on a special Seat Buyers page, as well as onscreen prior to the show and on the new lobby monitors.
For $250 we'll promote your business on the donor page and provide you with twenty tickets, twenty large popcorns and twenty large sodas to use as gifts for your employees.
When donating make certain to mark the payment as a GIFT, and leave us a note on paypal so we can better keep track of our benefactors.

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