Angry Birds 2

Morning Show Special!




Wed. Oct 25, 2pm Featuring: Christopher Robin!

Wednesday  Matinee!


Tuesday 11:00 A.M.

All seats $6 - includes drink and popcorn!

Kickoff: 7:15

ALSO we will have on hand pizza slices and gourmet pretzels, plus other snacks

includes box of popcorn



Monday Sept 17

Bears Vs Seahawks

NFL Monday Night  Football

School Field Trips 

  • Available 10am-12 noon or 12:30-2pm

  • Include pop and popcorn for each child

  • Minimum of 25 students

  • $7 per person, pop and popcorn included

  • Must have chaperones

  • You may choose from any movies we have playing at the time of the event, or special movie for the class.

  • Please contact for booking:

Birthday in the Big Auditorium 

This means renting out the theater for your movie of choice OR

for playing video games on the big screen. 

  • Flat fee of $300 have up to 50 guests!!  

  • Watch any of our kid scheduled movies, or your own DVD movie. 

  • Decorate - bring in cake and ice cream. (No outside drinks)

  • $5 pop and popcorn per person

  • Morning times available are from 10am-Noon or 1-3pm Monday-Friday morning/afternoon

  • For other times for birthdays, for example, afternoon 4-6pm Monday-Thurs, feel free to contact us to see if exceptions can be made 

  • Two week advance notice and 50% down needed to hold


  • $300 for 2 hours

  • Bring your own Xbox, Switch or PlayStation (Plug in at stage switch)

  • Concessions available

  • Morning times are from 10am-Noon Monday-Saturday

  • For other times, for example 8pm-10:30pm feel free to contact us to see if exceptions can be made.


  • To request an event time, please email us at

  • OR talk to us directly at the box office

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